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  • Nicole Smith

Firetrucks at Rockefeller's

On Monday, July 1st, sirens filled the air and guests and employees alike had to exit the restaurant. What happened? How did we go from this on Saturday:

Megan, one of our servers, and Jason, a volunteer firefighter for the Kennedy Volunteer Fire Department made a grand entrance on Saturday to celebrate their reception with us at Rockefeller's Grille.

To this on Monday:

Ironically, Jason, and many of his guests from Saturday, were now looking for the source of smoke that was filling the dining room.

At about 1:30 on Monday a strange smell began to permeate the restaurant. Soon after, smoke started coming into the dining room from the ceiling. We called 9-1-1 and had guests leave. As the fire department came we were unplugging equipment in the kitchen. Our local fire departments came out in full force to protect and serve. Many of the businesses in our strip also had to be evacuated. We waited anxiously to find out what had been causing the smoke. Apparently with the heat, a motor for the beer cooler was burning up which is what caused the smoke. We were lucky. Lucky it happened in the middle of the day and not over night where damage could have been extensive. Lucky no one was hurt. Lucky that we live in a community where the fire departments are so responsive. Before the fire department was done inspecting, our friends from Duckstein's were already there ready to evaluate what needed done so we could reopen as quickly as possible.

This was my view from the back of the restaurant. 11 fire trucks came in all!

Tuesday we spent the day getting the restaurant ready for reopening Wednesday. The firefighters came out in full force to make sure we had minimal damage. Duckstein's staff did an amazing job. Yesterday we reopened. It was busy. We really appreciate all of you that came out to see us and check in. We are thankful for all the calls and concern for our safety. We are so glad to be part of this community.

So that's the story, one motor that caused a ton of smoke.

The look you have when you discover instead of doing social media in the nice-nice-air-conditioning you will be cleaning in the hot-hot-no-air-conditioning.

(As a side note, I am not a fire investigator,

I am just going with what the firefighter's told us)




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