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  • Nicole Smith

Boss's Day

I have worked at Rockefeller's for 22 years and feel lucky to have had the bosses I have worked under all these years. They've taught me so much. We work in a family restaurant, yes, but these people would do anything for us. They go above and beyond for their emplyees. Jeff ran the kitchen like no other. Greg is the funniest, most patient, easy-going boss ever. Albert drove us crazy but would give you the shirt off his back. Dana supports us and pushes us to be better and be more. And while Jeff retired and Albert passed, Greg and Dana are keeping us in line.

Greg and Dana are supportive and understanding. They let us be us, with weird shirt days, or let me make everyone wear ugly sweaters, or whatever nonsense we come up with, they are just like "sure." I hope they have a #HappyBosssDay and know that we appreciate them.





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